Women’s Ring Size Guide – How to Find the Right Size

The average size of a woman’s ring is US 6-7. However, there are a number of ways to determine ring size. You can use a ring size guide. Tape measure, a measuring thread, or a small piece of string to mark your finger and compare it to a chart. If you have an extra-wide finger, you can add one size larger. Another method is to wrap a piece of paper around your finger and measure the width.

How to determine ring size

There are a few ways to measure the circumference of your finger to determine the correct ring size. One way is to use a Ring size guide. You’ll need to measure from the thickest part of the finger (the knuckle), but you don’t have to be a professional to measure your finger’s circumference. To be safe, do not wrap the string too tightly. Then, take a pen or a ruler and mark the end of the string. The length of the string is equivalent to the thickness of your finger, and it’s a good idea to do this at the end of the day.

Another method for measuring your finger is to go to a professional or a jewelry store and have it done. If you’d prefer to do it yourself , get the finger size of the same finger as you plan to wear the ring on. This will ensure that the ring fits comfortably.

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Another method is to use the ring on your mobile phone as a measuring tool. Simply place a piece of paper on your finger and measure it from below the knuckle. If the paper doesn’t come close to the knuckle, then use a ruler or tape measure to determine the length. Enter this measurement into a ring size calculator.

How to measure your finger

To find the right ring size, you need to know the exact length of your finger. For this, you can use a measuring tape, string, or dental floss. Measure the length from the top of your finger to the base of the knuckle. If the difference is large, order one size smaller.

If you’re in doubt, get a professional to do the measurements. Make sure that you’re measuring the same finger you plan to wear the ring on . This will ensure that the ring will fit comfortably. Also, remember that finger size changes depending on weather and activity level. In warm weather, your finger will be larger than usual. On the other hand, it will shrink in cold weather. Make sure to measure your finger after working out or before you wear your new ring.


If you’re buying a ring for yourself or someone else, you need to measure your finger for a size twelve. Normally, you should get the same size in both hands, but if the ring will go over your knuckle, you should order a half size larger. You should repeat this process several times for accuracy. If you’re not sure how to measure your finger for a 12 ring size, ask a trusted jeweler for help.

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