What should an internet marketer know?

Friends, if you really want to become an Internet marketer – go learn, and gain experience! There is a lot of interesting work for you, besides, now in our country, there is practically no competition in this area. There are thousands and even tens of thousands of vacancies for Internet marketers! dumpor

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Training in classical marketing (of adequate training programs I can only recommend NIMA) and further practice for a period of at least 2 years. It is advisable to work in small and medium-sized companies where you will need to solve real business problems, and not just earn experience. Do not touch the Internet until you know the classics properly (this is not a pose or a car).

Knowledge of the basic principles of search engines and using scheduling software. Required work experience – 2 years (can be combined with item 1). The basics of information retrieval, all the details of processing sites by search engines (here, of course, you can’t do without the notorious SEO), the rules and requirements of search engines (you will always find detailed instructions in the “Help” section), the ability to compose a complete semantic core with all the “cons” taking into account the nuances of the business.

Knowledge and ability of HTML/CSS/js/PHP – at least for a grade of 3+, but using the latest technologies (do not offer layout with tables). Skills of self-production, task management tool of at least primitive sites with and without CMS.

Most often, an Internet marketer combines the functions of a leader and an executor. In small companies, he may be the only one in the state and most of the tasks fall entirely on him. Only in some cases will he be able to distribute tasks among specialized performers from among freelancers or agencies. In large companies, an Internet marketer may have their own department and a small staff of employees who are responsible for certain areas of online promotion, such as SMM, content, or targeting.

Practical programming skills (Pascal and PHP will do), developing logical/algorithmic / systems thinking with the help of reading books about project management. Do you know Knuth’s elevator problem? Not? However, even without mastering the art of application programming (elevator), you can still become an Internet marketer.

Knowledge of mathematics at the level of a mathematical school up to grade 11 or at the level of a liberal arts university. The formula below should not scare you. Mandatory knowledge of Excel at the level of standard formulas (at grade level 3+, be able to make graphs, dependencies, calculations) and SQL. If you are afraid of the combinations of “cohort analysis in Excel”, and “RFM analysis”, see point 1.

From the point of view of its functionality, an Internet marketer can fulfill the role of a full-fledged marketing manager in a company when all the company’s activities are shifted to the digital space. In a more traditional business environment, it can be a stand-alone functional unit and work closely with other marketing professionals, such as brand managers, and report as well as they do to the head of marketing.

Knowledge of various Internet marketing tools and digital marketing strategies. It is advisable to choose one of them (for example, contextual advertising, email marketing, etc.), master it perfectly, and be sure to get a certificate (if any). Possession of other instruments can be “pulled up” with practice. Is it possible to be higher in the block in Yandex? Direct (for example, in the second special placement) and pay less per click than, for example, in the third special placement? This is just one of the basic questions that you should have an answer to.

Get real experience with call centers (telephony, PBX) and CRM systems – that is, understand how sales actually work in order to organize the process in a team with telephony and CRM specialists if necessary and also find out WordPress Developer Salary.

Work a little as an Internet marketer on the client-side (no more than a year, so as not to get bored and not “fade out” ahead of time). Working on the side of the agency (but not streaming SEO or context) – here you can already practice a little longer.

Among companies starting a new small business, the promotion of goods and services on the Internet is now in great demand. This creates a huge demand for specialists capable of competently solving relevant problems. 

Final Thoughts

There is an opinion on the net that this profession does not require training. This is a mistake that can cost a novice specialist a high price, call into question his competence and professional image. The essence of work in this specialization requires an understanding of consumer behavior, the use of brand management principles, the development and application of effective strategies, as evidenced by the word marketer in the title of the profession. Education will also help to master skills from the field of online technologies such as omnichannel communications, performance and data-driven marketing.

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