Tried & Tested Dosing Tips For Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are trending for valid reasons. They are pure and potent and deliver more with less. You can save on dispensary trips and bills as small quantities last for longer than you expect. But the potency of these products can be daunting because a little extra can take you overboard. Not surprisingly, newbies have some qualms about trying them. However, you only need to find the apt dose that works for you to get the best outcomes without going over the top. Let us share some tried and tested dosing tips for cannabis concentrates.

Pick a familiar strain

Before looking for the ideal dose, you must pick a familiar strain because it ensures comfort and confidence. Getting started is easy for seasoned consumers who know all about cannabis strains and have some experience with them. You can handle a concentrate better if you already know its CBD and THC profile. Having used it in flower, tincture, or edible form is even better. Whether you are in the market for a low-THC strain or an intoxicating Gelato high, research is definitely recommended for first-time consumers to ensure a safe, premier cannabis experience.

Go low and slow

With cannabis, you cannot follow a one-size-fits-all approach, and it applies to all products, including concentrates. You cannot predict how your first experience will pan out, even if you are regular with other consumption methods. The best piece of advice is to go low and slow and track your sessions to find your ideal dose. Microdosing is the key to a safe start with these products.

Know different forms of concentrates

Like edibles, concentrates come in various forms. Expect to be spoiled for choice between hash, shatter, butter, wax, rosin, live resin, and more. These products vary in texture, so the outcomes may not be the same. You may buy hash or any other product, but remember that your optimal dose may vary for different types of concentrates. A hit-and-trial approach is the best to follow while dosing them, so be willing to invest time in following up and journaling the effects of each product.

Use the apt dab tool

Dosing concentrates is also about using the apt dab tool to match the product. The extract may be buttery or crumbly, so you require a tool that ensures the correct handling of the product. For example, a sharp and pointed dabbing tool is ideal for hard shatter to break its solid consistency. Scoop or spoon-style dabbers work well for runny or crumbly extracts. The apt tool helps in evenly portioning the product without wastage.

Read the label

Reading the product label is perhaps the simplest way to ace your concentrate dose, even as a beginner. The good thing about the legalization of cannabis is that sellers are legally required to mention details like ingredients, potency, dosage, and storage instructions on product labels. Going through them thoroughly is a good option, but you must also follow your tolerance levels.

Dosing concentrates is not as tricky as you imagine, provided you pay attention and follow the rules. This proven checklist promises to keep you on the safe side.

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