The Different Types of Diamond Cuts Design

When you’re looking to purchase a diamond ring, you need to know which cuts are available. A diamond’s cut is important, as it will determine the amount of light it reflects, and the more light a stone reflects, the more valuable it is. In addition to the cut, a diamond’s shape is important, as it will determine how the stone appears when it’s looked at face-up. Different shapes are designed to meet different needs, and as technology advances, so do the shapes that can be made.

Asscher cut

Asscher Cut diamonds have a square-ish shape with slanted corners. Their three-dimensional structure is similar to an ancient pyramid known as a ziggurat. An Asscher Cut diamond should have a clarity level of VS1 or higher. The elongated shape of the Asscher Cut diamond also allows it to reflect light. Asscher Cut diamonds are known for their sparkle and softness.

The Asscher cut was originally named after Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. Later, Joseph Asscher’s grandchildren renamed it The Royal Asscher Cut. Today, the Asscher Diamond Company offers GIA-certified Asscher cut diamond engagement rings.

Cushion cut

Cushion cut diamonds are generally cheaper than round diamonds. They also tend to have a squarish appearance and are a more traditional shape. When choosing a cushion cut diamond, look for the clarity and color grade. Although the clarity grade is a personal preference, the most important quality in a diamond is eyecleanliness.

The cushion cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts because of its vintage look. The diamond’s shape is reminiscent of a pillow with an overstuffed center. Cushion diamonds are also commonly called “modified brilliant” diamonds because they have elongated sides. This shape also tends to weigh less than the standard cushion cut.

Heart cut

The heart cut is one of the most popular Diamond Shapes. Similar to the pear shape, the heart cut features two rounded sides and a cleft at the top. While this shape is extremely popular, it is also one of the most difficult to cut. This means that you will want to choose the highest quality cut when you are shopping for a heart diamond. Choosing the best cut will ensure that the diamond will have a perfect polish and appearance.

The heart cut is considered one of the most romantic of the diamond shapes. The first mention of a heart cut diamond is in 1463, when Mary Queen of Scots sent Queen Elizabeth a gold ring with a heart-shaped diamond. Since then, they were frequently exchanged among royalty. Because of their difficult shape, they were valued far more than other types of diamonds.

Square cut

There are many different types of diamond cuts. While round cuts are the most common, some jewelers offer specialties like the hexagon and shield cuts. Each cut has its pros and cons. Before you purchase a diamond, learn the differences between each type. Then, choose the right one for your needs.

A square diamond cut gives a modern, non-conventional look. This makes it ideal for a bride looking for a unique style. Some square diamond cuts are rectangular, while others are squared. Another type of square diamond cut is the princess cut, which can be cut into an elongated rectangular shape. This diamond shape is perfect for a woman who likes clean angular lines and brilliant sparkle.

Radiant cut

If you’re looking for a diamond that looks big and sparkly, the radiant cut may be the perfect choice. Its shallow, rounded design creates an illusion of larger size when set in a ring. It combines the brilliance of the brilliant cut with the fire of a cushion cut, and is one of the most popular cuts today.

This cut is an excellent choice for a large, dazzling engagement ring. It has tightly patterned facets and truncated corners, and is more affordable than other shapes. It’s most common in rectangular shapes, but it’s also available in squares and rectangles. These diamonds can be large and sparkly, and should be a G or higher colour grade.


While the round diamond is the most common cut of all, there are a number of other shapes, such as the princess cut. Originally developed as a shape for emeralds, the princess cut uses a square outline and offers nearly the same brilliance as the round cut. This shape also utilizes up to 80% of the diamond’s rough material, making it better for the environment than most other diamond shapes.

The main difference between the round diamond and square diamond is that the former has more surface area, which makes it appear larger. The latter, however, is more affordable. While both shapes are equally stunning, a square diamond may seem more edgy or unusual.

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