Tamra and Eddie Judge, Co-Founders of Vena CBD

Tamra and Eddie Judge, co-founders of Vena CBD, are two women who decided to make high-quality CBD products more accessible. They had both suffered from heart conditions and wanted to find a high-quality product that they could use to manage their health and wellness. The couple partnered with a cannabis company in the hopes of developing the best product possible. Their passion for CBD led them to start their business, which now boasts three product lines.

Despite their fame and success on TV, Tamra Judge’s passion for the health and wellness industry led her to create the Vena brand. After her husband’s diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, she looked for a solution to help him overcome his condition. She spotted an opportunity to spread awareness about CBD to a broader audience. This idea grew into a CBD-infused women’s health-care company.

The Judges have a passion for CBD and are passionate about providing the public with the information they need to make informed decisions. The company was founded by Tamra Richter, who had been struggling with her husband’s atrial fibrillation for some time. They saw an opportunity to provide education to the public and started a woman-led CBD company to educate consumers about the benefits of this natural substance.

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