How to Package your Infused Edibles

It’s terrific news for beginners who start selling cannabis edibles because the legal cannabis market is expanding quickly. It might be wrong because there will be many rivalries regarding packaging, branding, and marketing your cannabis edibles. Although you might be picturing the conventional packaging for candies or snacks, it’s perfectly OK to think creatively! You need to think of some inventive cannabis edible packaging if you want to be different from the other medical marijuana items. There are many various ways to preserve the potency, freshness, and safety of your cannabis edibles, which will make you stand out more.

Not to worry. Our packaging specialists list the top five fascinating and inventive methods to package edibles.

Glass Jars

Glass jars on the market today are predominant in packaging due to the extra freshness. And they can call all kinds of good associations for consumers. Glass jars make people think of medicine and candy, and the design of the jars has a sort of old-fashioned charm that will make your cannabis edible look attractive. Also, you don’t have to worry about long durability or chemical leaching in edible glass containers.

Plastic Jars

Plastic containers made of polystyrene are tiny and clean and frequently used to store cosmetics or cannabis concentrates like wax or shreds. However, they have a way of making small edibles appear incredibly high. For tiny hard candies blended with THC or CBD, clean polystyrene jars work well.

Pop-top bottles

Why do we use the term “pop-top”? That’s it, indeed. The pops at the top of this plastic container open for quick access when you press the side; otherwise, they remain closed. The long, slim designs make them ideal for eating stick candy, gummy, hard candy, or other small, dried cannabis products, even though they are frequently used to produce pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes.

Prescription Style Bottles

The “medical marijuana” component is one of the most well-liked branding trends for new cannabis products. The packaging for your cannabis edibles can be as simple as a plastic bottle with a prescription-style cap. Even bottles with retro caps let your consumers use a “push and turn” prescription closure or a straightforward screw top.

Tin Cans

I know I’ve said to “think outside the boxes like tin cans,” but there are occasions when doing so isn’t always necessary. Many cannabis edibles businesses use plastic bags and bottles, but adopting a can will help you stand out from the competition. Use a plastic bag to seal your edibles or parchment paper to wrap them before using cans (of any form, not just square!) as the outer packing.


No matter what edible bags or packaging you use, it will be one of the best ways to identify your product. It must be packaged appropriately. Consider your label, the supplies you plan to use, and the colors that best reflect your brand. It’s time to take a step toward bringing the top position.

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