How Much Does it Cost to Have a Custom Ring Made?

One of the major misconceptions surrounding custom diamond rings Singapore design is that it’s expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Step one in designing jewellery should always involve meeting with a jewellery designer to bring your ideas to life, either in person or via video call.

1. The Design

Design accounts for most of the costs associated with Lab Created Diamonds London custom rings, so it is vitally important that you work with a jeweller who will listen and implement your ideas into reality.

Jewellers offer advice and expertise regarding which metals and stones will best represent your personality, while taking time to craft an exact wax model for review and approval by you – so any necessary changes can be made before proceeding further.

Bryony Raymond of New York City jeweller creates engagement rings for clients with budgets ranging from $3,500 to hundreds of thousands. Her designs often incorporate diamonds or gemstones from heirloom pieces into her designs – an honour which both she and her clients take great pleasure in sharing together. However, adding sentimental pieces may increase costs significantly; therefore it is wise to discuss budget with partner before consulting a jeweller.

2. The Metal

Finding the ideal metal for your custom ring is key to its design. It must withstand your active lifestyle while complementing the colour and clarity of stones used. From white gold to platinum – even coloured varieties like rose or green metals – there are numerous choices.

Your choice of gold can have an effect on its durability; generally speaking, higher karat numbers make softer metal more likely to scratch or dent. That is why 14K and 18K gold rings are such popular choices – they contain just enough gold to provide strength while being soft enough that allergic reactions won’t occur in some people.

Traditional and online retailers alike have taken notice of the popularity of build-your-own rings, offering the opportunity for individuals to customize pieces that offer not only sentimental value but also unique design elements not available with predesigned pieces.

3. The Stones

Centre stones (such as diamonds) will often make up the bulk of any ring’s price tag, and are affected by four main criteria – cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight.

Stone type is also an important consideration, especially if you want something other than traditional diamond. Although these alternative stones might cost more, they make each piece truly one-of-a-kind and add character and uniqueness.

Custom rings tend to be more intricate and will often require additional metal than store models; this doesn’t always translate to more expensive costs but may be necessary to create your desired design. Extra metal can help ensure it stands up better over time; especially true if repurposing old pieces as new rings.

4. The Finish

As soon as you begin designing a custom ring, there’s no telling exactly how much a finished piece will cost. While this process can take time to come together perfectly, designers usually engage in multiple discussions as you refine your vision until both parties agree upon a design.

Once the design has been finalized, most jewellery designers use computer aided design (CAD) technology to turn your sketch into a digital rendering of the ring, giving you a realistic view of its appearance from all angles, such as stone size and placement on metal elements. This will enable you to make informed decisions when purchasing or ordering jewellery online.


People choose custom rings because they want their relationship story to be immortalized through jewellery. While pre-designed pieces may do this as well, custom pieces allow couples to tell their own narrative through jewellery that embodies this idea and leaves you with an heirloom you will treasure always.

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