Ethical Lab Grown Diamonds

Laura McLaughlin first learned about lab diamonds in 2015. She was taking a part-time jewellery course in Hatton Garden at the time and an MBA at London Business School. After discovering that only two companies were using lab diamonds in engagement rings, she decided to create her own. Despite opposition from many within the diamond industry, Laura has been successful in bringing the technology to the masses. In this article, you will learn about the process and find out what you can expect when buying an ethical lab grown diamonds.

Clean Origin

While many people don’t realize it, buying a diamond is not only ethical, but also environmentally friendly. A company called Clean Origin aims to make diamond shopping easier and more ethical by eliminating the need to mine raw diamonds from the earth. Its goal is to offer diamonds at competitive prices and offer peace of mind to customers. Clean Origin also uses recycled metals to create its jewelry. So not only are its diamonds eco-friendly, but they’re also much more affordable than mined diamonds.

Considering the environmental impact of diamond mining, Clean Origin’s jewelry is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for an engagement ring. Clean Origin jewelry ships worldwide for free, offers 100-day returns, and includes a resizing service for free with every purchase. Its customer service representatives are trained to answer any questions and will be happy to help you find the perfect ring. Clean Origin has been providing lab-grown diamonds for more than ten years and is a leader in the industry.

Novita Diamonds

If you are looking for a beautiful ring with a conscience, you should consider buying a ring from a company that uses only ethically mined diamonds. The Novita Diamonds brand is known for its ethical practices and flawless quality. The jewelry is also created with high standards of quality. The company makes sure to keep native communities, local societies and the environment in mind when making its jewelry. Their commitment to transparency and beautiful designs is a major selling point.

For each diamond sold, plants a tree. For every diamond purchased, they also donate 5% of the profits to the Greener Diamond Foundation, which aims to restore lands and lives ravaged by the industry. Novita Diamonds is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. This commitment to responsible diamond production has led to a number of benefits.

Great Heights

The popularity of mined diamonds is diminishing as more consumers are turning to ethical lab grown diamonds. These diamonds are grown in laboratories and have the same properties as their underground counterparts, but come at a lower cost. While mined diamonds are still considered the most precious gemstone, lab-grown diamonds are much more affordable than their mined counterparts. Great Heights, for example, offers diamonds ranging in size from 0.6 to 3.3 carats at up to 40% less than the average market price.

The Great Heights brand uses 100% lab-grown diamonds and offers a wide variety of custom options. The company’s unique “Guide Me” option allows consumers to choose a diamond based on specific characteristics such as color, clarity, and cut. Using CGI technology, which is used to produce the award-winning series Game of Thrones, Great Heights’ website allows consumers to virtually customize their diamonds. Great Heights also offers a lifetime warranty on each diamond, ensuring that no visible inclusions will occur during the manufacturing process.

Great Heights uses only ethical lab-grown diamonds

Great Heights guarantees its diamonds are conflict-free and IGI certified. Its vast collection of engagement rings features ethical lab-grown diamonds of varying shapes, cuts, and colors. The company’s founders spoke to Elite Traveler to discuss their commitment to ethical lab-grown diamonds and the importance of choosing a diamond that reflects a consumer’s values. Ultimately, the company believes that consumers will reject conflict free diamonds as a source of diamonds.

The company believes that the future of love is connected to the way we source our diamonds. As such, it is a better idea to use ethical lab-grown diamonds in engagement rings. They are 40 to 50 percent less expensive than mined diamonds, and the bigger the stone, the lower the price. This also makes lab-grown diamonds the ethical choice for those who want more things without breaking the bank.

Novita Diamonds donates 10% of net profits to the Greener Diamond foundation

The lab-grown diamond company is a good choice for a unique engagement ring. The company uses ethically-sourced lab-grown diamonds and recycled precious metals in their designs. Additionally, the company donates at least 10% of its net profits to the Greener Diamond foundation, which helps restore communities and land damaged by diamond mining. This is a great way to show your love and support a good cause without breaking the bank.


The company is expanding its philanthropic efforts, and has purchased land in Liberia, Africa, for agricultural training. Through this initiative hopes to help improve the lives of local people by promoting self-sustainability. Additionally, each product purchased from the company supports a program that benefits the local community. The company is also committed to providing education to local communities, as it has an extensive history of partnering with non-profit organizations.

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