5 Outstanding Vape Juice Flavors To Watch Online

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. “-Theodore Levitt 1925 – 2006. Vaping is creativity and innovation in work. The story starts with smoking. We will journey upon the journey of how Vape and vape juice flavors came into existence.

Talking about cigarettes, nicotine and other chemicals present in tobacco, when inhaled, get easily absorbed into our bloodstream. As far as history is concerned, smoking dates back to as early as 5000 BC in the Americas in shamanistic rituals. When the Europeans in the 16th century arrived, tobacco consumption, cultivation, and trading quickly spread, and By 2020, 13 of every 100 American adults are considered active smokers. 30.08 million of the population smoke, and more than 16 million suffer from smoking-related diseases. Heart problems, lung diseases such as tuberculosis, difficulties in breathing, and low vision may come from smoking. These are serious ailments that could cost us our lives. It is almost like an epidemic but slows steadily and is alarming.

The need was for a safer and less toxic alternative. However, this has to take place without compromising the feel-good factor of smokers. Smoking gave people some relief from their menacing lives. We must accept that this is how some people deal with critical and complex emotions.

A Vape Pen

Joseph Robinson invented the first e-cigarette, known as the Butane Ignition vaporizer. Later, Herbert Gilbert made the modern-day vaporizer in 1960. It swamped the market as “smokers tobacco-free” cigarettes. Vaping plays a vital role in quitting smoking. A vape is an electric device used to vaporize a liquid; it does not have harmful tobacco and is less toxic and cheaper than smoking. Vape pens have a battery that people use to inhale an aerosol, typically containing nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals, creating the same feel-good effect as smoking but safer. It heats the vape juice inside the pen, creating the aerosol.

The Juice

The fluid inside the vape pen, e-cigarette, e-juice, or vape juice is known as e-fluids. E-fluids might contain nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol, synthetic compounds, and water. In addition, there are juices accessible without nicotine.

Vape juices come in flavors like cherry, coconut, berry, new apple, sweet tarts, cinnamon, etc. Synthetic substances come in handy to make a feeling of these flavors. A significant number of the synthetic compounds present in vape juices are FDA-Approved. For example, propylene glycol (PG), utilized in food varieties, medications, and beauty care products, for the most part, is viewed as protected by the FDA. Glycerin is scentless and dull fluid with a somewhat sweet taste. Making counterfeit smoke or fog is additionally utilized.

Five Flavors To Look For

Out of countless flavors, we would like to recommend five top flavors to try.

1. Fruit Flavors

People have always been fans of fruit juices to beat the heat, especially in summer. A good fruit flavor is always a good idea. There are many tasty fruity options: strawberries, lemons, bananas, melons, and many more. What we would like to recommend to consumers is Crazberry Limeade Citricity. An explosion of cranberry and raspberry with delicious limeade creates a flavor you have never had before. It is like your favorite lemonade. You get delicious and refreshing bursts of lemon/lime on inhaling and loads of fruit and tartness while exhaling.

2. Dessert Flavors

With the inception of more and more flavors, vaping has become very popular, and innovators are still creating new combinations. One such result is Dessert flavors. Vanilla cheesecake, strawberry macaroon, etc., are just a few of the many available flavors. Among the delicious dessert flavors, we recommend Strawberries & Cream. Ripe, fresh strawberries paired with several variations of cream make this blend a fan favorite. This E-juice is spot on. You can taste the fruit and cream on the inhale, and on the exhale, you can taste a bit of strawberry.

3. Cream Flavors

The cream vape juices include vanilla, melon, strawberry, creamy crunch, etc. They are all made with care and consumer demand. The taste of each flavor is starkly different from the other. You can try every flavor and choose what fits best for you. Each of them is worth trying, but we would like to recommend it for first-time users of Island Dream. When inhaled, it provides a good pineapple flavor, and you get creamy vanilla on exhaling like ice cream. A minimal feel of coconut will also give you a good puff. It is smooth topical tasting and has all the qualities for an excellent all-day vape.

4. Beverage Flavors

The sweet, fruity, and refreshing beverage flavors are also worth trying. Getting popular day by day, many vape users use Beverage flavors as regular vape juice. We recommend Fresh watermelon juice with strawberry extract served chilled. Awarded Best Drink Vape of 2016, the name of the e-liquid is Pink Drink. A delicious fruity liquid and a perfect mixture of watermelon and strawberry. It gives you a decent hit with a minimum amount of ice. The menthol hit is excellent, not too much, not too little. If you crave sweets, the watermelon and strawberry flavors in the juice are enough to curb your craving.

5. Tobacco Flavor

Here is the flavor that most likely got you here in any case. A few previous smokers favor the natural taste of tobacco. How could they need something that helps them to remember cigarettes? For one thing, tobacco vapes are way better! You don’t get that consumed tobacco taste; they can go from strong to light and sweet. Above all, tobacco flavor e-juice assists consumers with cigarettes. They catch the embodiment of new tobacco and, in some cases, upgrade it with extra flavorings. We understand that many vape users want to eliminate smoking addiction, and we promise to be inclusive.


Ultimately, we would remind the readers that the difference between vaping and smoking is that smoking involves burning tobacco which is very harmful, and vaping provides nicotine or other substances by heating a liquid in a much less dangerous way. With many flavors, Vaping is worth trying instead of smoking. There are many flavors to satisfy every consumer, and still, researchers at work find the best flavor for you. So, while you go for our recommendations, there is more in the making.

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