5 Important Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known, is one of two main components of the cannabis plant. The other part is THC, which is known to induce the “high” that is experienced when cannabis is consumed.

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While the use of THC for recreational or medicinal purposes is debatable, CBD is legal and is safer to consume as it is not responsible for stimulating a high feeling, instead it works to improve your physical and mental health.

This article will explore 5 potential benefits that can come from the consumption of CBD, whether recreational or medicinal.

1. CBD For Pain Relief

Recent commercialization and legalization of cannabis in certain parts of the world has led to increased research in the cannabis industry. Results from recent studies on CBD derivatives have revealed that CBD is responsible for pain relief when cannabis is consumed.

More specifically, CBD is helpful in certain kinds of pain including nerve and back pain. However, it should be noted that CBD is more effective when combined with THC for curing nerve pains.

CBD is also known to be effective in the treatment of arthritis, a common reason why fitness athletes promote the consumption of CBD after workouts.

2. Helps In Reducing Symptoms of Mental Disorders

As mental health is a critical and sensitive topic, curing disorders through pharmaceutical drugs can result in adverse side effects including but not limited to insomnia, drowsiness, and frustration. CBD products are known to assist with symptoms of mental illnesses without having major side effects, since it is derived naturally.

CBD oil is proven to assist with anxiety relief without experiencing side effects or danger of potential dependency. Due to its calming effect, CBD is reported to minimize symptoms of those with PTSD.

While THC is mainly responsible for producing mind-altering effects, CBD compliments it by keeping anxiety levels low as well as simultaneously amplifying the effect of THC.

Another potential benefit of CBD is its use to cure sleep disorders. Many sleep disorders result from increased levels of mental tension and anxiety. As CBD assists in calming nerves and alleviating anxiety, consumption of CBD a few hours before bed will induce deep sleep which is important for the recovery of other mental conditions as well.

3. Alleviation of Cancer Symptoms

Another immense benefit of Cannabis is its use to counteract the negative health impacts of chemotherapy. Cannabis is known to alleviate pain as well as reduce nausea.

Studies have shown that while CBD alone may not be as potent, its combination with THC is known to produce more effective results in reducing vomiting, and pain resulting from exposure to radiation and treating decreased appetite.

4. Treatment of Epilepsy

CBD is an approved method of treatment of Epilepsy by the FDA. According to Forbes Health (2023), a study provided a strong indication of CBD as a promising way of treating Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

The study used 516 participants which were divided into two groups; one treated with CBD and the other as a test set. The results showed that patients using CBD reported a decreased frequency of seizures compared to those in the control group.

5. Safe Recreational Use

CBD is generally considered a safe stimulant as compared to its sister derivative THC. Consumption of CBD does not result in a “high” that could possibly lead to paranoia and nausea. Therefore, it can be used on a regular basis.

FDA has also listed CBD in the list of dietary components consumed on a daily basis.

As CBD helps with anxiety relief, it is an ideal substance to use for people who experience anxiety in social situations.

The lack of confidence to speak in social gatherings stems from the feeling of unease that stimulates human behavior and feeling. Using CBD would mean low anxiety levels leading to higher confidence levels.

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