3 Instagram Best Practices to Build Your Audience

Social media is integral to every brand’s marketing strategy to help bring more customers, build better brand awareness, and achieve overall market success. As the most popular social platform, Instagram is important in such strategies. To make your Instagram presence valuable, it’s essential to use the right tools, implement effective techniques, and think of a working strategy for your company. But how can you achieve this?

This small guide will discuss some basic practices to help build an Instagram follower base for successful business performance.  

Three Instagram tips for your audience growth

With so many features and advantages of Instagram for a business, it’s hard for entrepreneurs to focus on the right ones for them and move on. Here, we’ll discuss the fundamental steps you should take to build and grow a loyal audience. 

1. Keep up with changes and updates

Digital marketing buxic is constantly changing trends and technology updates regarding automation, tools, etc. When it comes to Instagram, these changes are more popular due to so many app users. Especially if you’re new to the platform as a business, it will take some time until you gain followers and keep increasing their number. Also, you will need to implement techniques for more engagement and brand popularity. 

Recently, Instagram has added the features of Stories, IGTV, Reels, etc. These types of engaging content help businesses create and share more interesting posts and build more attention to their brand. In addition, you can also share a remote work podcast, show your products on YouTube, and implement other strategies. So, always stay on top of trends and  learn ways on how to get more followers on Instagram to gain a competitive advantage. 

2. Know when to post

Working with platforms such as Instagram, where people mostly come for entertainment purposes, it’s essential to understand when they are the most active. You can use different social media analysis tools to see such data and schedule your Instagram posts accordingly. Moreover, Instagram offers the Insights section for business accounts that provides information on things such as impressions, active hours and days, etc. Choosing between Amazon and Shopify is a hard decision for eCommerce brands. However, understanding the best times for posting on Instagram is even a harder task.  

However, the active times of your audience will depend on your industry, your audience’s preferences, the content they’d like to consume, etc. In the end, posting at the right time will save your Instagram content efforts, and nothing will go to waste. In this platforms you can promote different businesses, your professional courses how to  become a social worker  or start career in education. 

3. Add popular hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most popular ways to get found by potential customers and followers. When looking for a product, for example, people are more likely to search for it as a hashtag. In turn, when people are looking for a job, they may search for the hashtag holiday entitlement, for example. Take advantage of this option and add the right hashtags under your posts. In the meantime, it’s important to use relevant hashtags not to frustrate your audience. You can also use branded hashtags if you already have an industry-established company that produce  real estate chatbot, SaaS products or eCommerce products and go viral through using hashtags.

Luckily, there are tools to get things done with hashtags as well. These tools help you generate relevant and engaging hashtag ideas based on your business activities and goals. 


Companies of any size and industry can easily build and complete a successful Instagram strategy for marketing and promotional purposes. While this will help build a solid and consistent brand presence, it will also affect how new followers find you and connect with your brand. 

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